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Episode 9: WORKFLOW author, animation director, story artist and teacher Doron Mayer.

Doron Mayer is a seasoned animation professional and author of the recently published book - WORKFLOW (available on Amazon).

In this week’s episode, I speak with Doron about his expansive 20 years of industry experience spanning from 2D to 3D animation, directing and supervising story teams on animated TV shows and feature films, and about his passion for teaching - which ultimately lead him to publish his book. You can find it on AMAZON, and you can learn more about it at

Relevant links:

WORKFLOW - official website:

WORKFLOW - facebook page:

MY LITTLE PONY - Doron Mayer served as head of story:

THE SECRET LIVES OF PETS - Doron Mayer served as Storyboard Artist:

ASTERIX AND THE VIKINGS - 2D animation by Doron Mayer

Selected artwork:

Show notes:

Animation process breakdown - by David Gidali (Your show host!):


Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay tuned for episode 10, where I’ll be hosting Netflix's FAUDA's visual effects supervisor and 2nd unit director Dan Sachar, and talk about his impressive career and streak of award-winning, VFX loaded, Sci-Fi shorts.

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