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Ep-31: NY based VFX supervisor, podcast host and director Bilali Mack

In the 8 years since joining the Visual Effects circle, Bilali had already managed to build a name for himself as sought-after VFX supervisor, with a growing list of filmmakers who want no other by their sides. Listen or watch our deep dive into his fast-pace professional journey, his mission statement and his views on the present and future of our field.

Continuing recent trends, this episode is also available in video:

Bilali Mack is a VFX Supervisor Based in NYC. Born in Accra, Ghana and based in Brooklyn. He has spent the better part of the last decade honing his craft at visual effects at studios such as Brickyard VFX, Smoke and Mirrors, MPC and Alkemy X.

Bilali has supervised and executed on visual effects for commercials, tv, and film for a number of high profile clients such as Adidas, Google, BMW, Starz, HBO, and Focus Features as well as working with notable directors such as Dave Myers, The Russo Brothers, Lance Acord, and Thomas Bezucha.

Check out his latest showreel below:

In his spare time he produces the Legends of VFX podcast, Directs short films and is very passionate about street photography and food.

In this episode we discussed his origins as an Autodesk Flame artist, and how that experience prepared him for his role as a visual effects supervisor. What is important to him in his relationship with clients.

We also spoke about his ambition to work on socially charged narrative projects, and the diversification of stories in popular culture.

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Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay Tuned for episode 32!

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