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Episode 7: Kert Gartner, renown director of VR game trailers

Kert Gartner is responsible for some of the most popular VR game trailers out there: Virtual Rickality, Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraptions and many others. He also creates traditional game trailers and graphics packages for gaming festivals. Before finding his way to this unique niche he worked as a VFX artists at Frantic Films.

What I really love is just sitting in front of a machine and messing around in After Effects. Why would I want and sit and deal with spreadsheets and HR problems, and logistics of physical buildings [...] I'm just so glad that, with the internet being what it is, as long as you're relatively well connected you can make a go of it literally from your basement, where I am right now...

In this episode we talk about why we both like to document and share our experience in blog-posts, lectures and podcasts, and what we value about this process (this episode in itself is a direct result of Kert publishing detailed posts about his experimentation with mixed-reality). We also talk about the switch from working at a big VFX company to becoming a one man operation and the pros and cons of both lifestyles. And we talked a lot about new and old technology, both in VFX and in VR, and how corporate greed often stifles innovation and it’s often up to individuals to set out and push innovation forward, when multi-million dollar corporations not only sit idly by, but keep a huge talent potential locked in golden chains (my own interpretation).

Relevant links:

Kert’s website:

Virtual Rickality game trailer:

Show notes:

Kert’s mixed-reality video essay:

My mixed-reality production largely inspired by Kert’s work:

My blog post about mixed-reality:

Frantic Films:

Fabric Engine (discontinued):

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay tuned for episode 8, when I’ll be hosting Kert Gartner, who makes Indie Video Game Trailers and VR Trailers, and was among the first people to use Mixed Reality as a promotional tool for VR experiences.

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