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Episode 6: Interactive Media and Virtual Reality pioneer Andrew Cochrane

Andy Cochrane is an immersive media pioneer, independent director and content creator, and an authority on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Video.

He worked on virtual reality projects, video installations, live events, and interactive mobile & web apps for clients like IBM, Intel, Google, LG, The USA series MR.Robot and the city of Las Vegas.

Most of his projects have a level of novelty to them, and can be seen as technical experimentations - promising to keep challenging his knowledge and technical skills and involve a heavy amount of R&D. Prior to that, he worked for the VFX company Mirada, where he transitioned from a visual effects person to the vague title of “Digital / Interactive director”.

There are investors that are treating VR like a mature market, and are expecting multiple returns in a 2, 3 or 5 year timeframe. It's unreasonable and actually unfair, because it sets up a scenario in which everybody loses. You're going to lose your money. The people you invested in are going to kill themselves to try to deliver on impossible demands. And it's going to be something that everyone is going to say 'See, I told you it was a bubble! It's collapsing! VR is already in Freefall!' No, it's not...

In this episode we talk primarily about emerging digital mediums, mostly virtual reality, and Andy’s realistic viewpoint on the future of that technology, both near and far. We also talk about what attracts andy to these kinds of projects vs. more traditional VFX work for big block-busters. And what he thinks has happened in the last few decades to the filmmaking dream.

Relevant links:

Andy’s website:


YouTube 180 playlist (Watch with mobile devices or VR headsets):…55BFwvV0yT0PEcenA

Gravity film trailer:

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay tuned for episode 7, when I’ll be hosting Kert Gartner, who makes Indie Video Game Trailers and VR Trailers, and was among the first people to use Mixed Reality as a promotional tool for VR experiences.

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