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Episode 5: Filmmaker and VFX supervisor Uzi Mor

Uzi Mor is an LA-based VFX supervisor and VFX artist who worked on high-profile music videos for artists including Will-i-am, Coldplay, Black Eye Peas, Maroon 5, Fergie, Wyclef Jean and more. He also worked on several TV promos and viral videos.

Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Uzi was the co-creator of VFX and gaming-focused YouTube channel, THERE IS A CANAL. Thanks to a series of highly popular videos, the channel grew to more than 52 thousand subscribers - no small feat for a niech channel in 2011-2014.

His breakout YouTube video, Battlefield 3 EPIC Real Life Battle (2011).

In this week’s episode (which was the first episode recorded for this podcast), Uzi and I talk about the early days of YouTube, and the difficulties of creating videos for the platform in its earlier days, when it grew and evolved in a rapid pace.

We reflect on Uzi’s passion for video games like War Of Worldcraft (which he would play during his weekend vacations from his army services as snipers instructor), and how the game’s groundbreaking cinematic trailers, created by game-developer Blizzard, inspired Uzi into studying computer graphics in the first place.

We also discuss the liberating experience of creating original content out of sheer passion and enthusiasm, and how Uzi used that experience as an opportunity to grow as an artist once that endeavor became unsustainable.

Finally, we talk about the difference in mindset between being a visual effects services provider and being a director, and the sacrifices that every working director has to make over and over again.

There Is A Canal YouTube channel:

His personal website is at

During the episode we also reference:


The title image for this episode was created by Uzi Mor.

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Next week I'll be back with Episode 6 featuring Andy Cochrane, a pioneer and a leading creator of interactive and immersive content. Get ready for a deep dive into current and futuristic VR technologies!

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