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Episode 4: HE-MAN MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE writer/director and MINECRAFT writer Aaron Nee

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Aaron Nee is a talented and highly motivated multi-disciplinary artist, who is currently writing and attached to direct (along with his brother Adam Nee), Sony Pictures’ HE-MAN: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE film, and the duo are also currently penning Warner Brothers’ MINECRAFT.

He was first introduced to me as a talented motion graphics designer, and I had the fortune and pleasure of witnessing him shift his focus back to an earlier passion (that I wasn’t even aware about originally), and turn his wildest dreams of becoming a big-budget director into reality through hard work and strategic series of forward-focused choices that he discusses and analyses in this episode.

"There was a short that I was looking at doing, and then there was BAND OF ROBBERS which we ultimately decided to get behind. [...] It seemed the most realistic for being able to need as few people's permission as possible to make it."

His (latest) breakout film is BAND OF ROBBERS (2015). Here’s the trailer:

And the short teaser he made as part of his pitch for the Bumblebee movie is available here:

His VFX company website is

During the episode we also reference: Gareth Edwards’ MONSTERS:

Neil Blumkamps’ ALIVE IN JOBURG:

The title image for this episode was created by Aaron Nee.

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Next week I'll be back with Episode 5 featuring Uzi Mor, an LA-based VFX supervisor and creator of an early VFX and gaming focused YouTube channel, THERE IS A CANAL.

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