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Episode 2: EXTRAVAGANZA (VR short) director Ethan Shaftel

In our second episode, my guest is filmmaker Ethan Shaftel whose VR short EXTRAVAGANZA premiered at the Tribeca film festival to great acclaim and helped him rebrand himself (or extend his brand) as a cutting-edge immersive content creator.

Despite never having carried the title "visual-effects artist", Ethan is a self-taught aficionado of all things post-production. He fearlessly takes on any technical challenge that stands in his way, and he can easily pick up a 3D software and quickly figure out how to use it for his needs.

...No one is waiting for the result of either that test, or that research, or that speculative project. No one out there cares. And if you don't do it, also nobody cares. But if you do it, it might opens up some doors. [...] Those kinds of projects are the archipelagos of my interests.

EXTRAVAGANZA behind-the-scenes clip (Recommended!):

Ethan's website:


The title image for this episode is from EXTRAVAGANZA by Ethan Shaftel.

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Next week I'll be back with Episode 3 featuring Tomer Eshed, who's currently directing the animated feature film DRAGON RIDERS.

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