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Ep-17: FACE SWAP writers and directors, Einat Tubi and David Gidali

FACE SWAP is an award-winning cautionary science fiction satire, which pioneers the use of “deepfakes” process as a narrative tool. Written and directed by this Podcast's host and his wife, this episode welcomes filmmaker Casey Cooper Johnson who guest-hosts David and Einat in a conversation about the making of this ground-breaking short film.

I started doing visual effects as a hobby at age 14, but always considered it a step towards my true fulfillment as a film director. Drawing constant inspiration from others' creative journeys, this podcast is a byproduct of my own quest. But I've long known there's no better way to pursue a goal than to practice it. That's why for the last 12 years I've been actively directing, whether commercially on films and web-series, or independently on his self-produced projects. Face Swap is my latest independent project which I produced, co-wrote and co-directed.

Acting came naturally to Einat Tubi and her path to leading roles in features was relatively short, but she always felt where she truly belongs was behind the camera. Her first feature-length screenplay, "Providence", was a semi-finalist of the Academy Nicholl screenwriting competition, and was in pre-production on her short indie film "Bystanders" when she joined David on Face Swap.

In this episode Einat and I are joined by fellow filmmaker Casey Cooper Johnson who leads a conversation about our collaborative project Face Swap.

Casey is a prolific filmmaker, he owns production company CROSSING BRIDGES, directed the award winning short film "Unmanned", co-directed the horror web-series "Urban Nightmares" and produced the feature film "Zana", directed by his wife Antoneta Kastrati, which is about to announce its international premiere date soon.

Episode Links:


Face Swap behind-the-scenes:

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Next week I'll be back with Episode 18 featuring ADAM STERN, owner of ARTIFEX studios, and director of FTL.

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