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Ep-28: Hugo Guerra - Director & VFX supervisor, host of "Hugo's desk".

Among the user community of the popular compositing software "Nuke", Hugo needs no introduction. His YouTube channel, "Hugo's desk" rivals Nuke's official YouTube channel in active viewership. In it he provides a plethora of useful videos: from technical tutorials, to hardware and game reviews and professional advice, all stemming from his experience including as head of The Mill London's Nuke department, and as a game cinematics director.

And for the first time on this podcast, this episode also has a video version which you're welcome to view right here:

As someone who loves the process of sharing and exchanging useful knowledge, and follows many creative influencers who share their process regularly online, I can say that few are as active and offer as much access to their workflow as Hugo.

Here's Hugo's literal desk:

In many of his videos he uses examples from projects that he directed and VFX supervised over the years, including game cinematics and intros.

A good example is this (comparatively short) breakdown of Homefront the Revolution game intro:

In this episode we talk about his origins in the art of visual effects, his important role at THE MILL, an award winning commercial VFX house at which he had yarned to work for years, and the eventual creation of his home studio and the popular HUGO's DESK multi-platform content channel.

Just like in his channel, in this episodes he offered a wealth of knowledge and advice, and a story that will surely leave you inspired!


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Show notes:

Unreal Engine 5 preview (embedded below)

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay Tuned for episode 29!

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