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Ep-26: Honoring guerrilla film-making, Jonathan Vardi injects inspiration into ARTLIST's ad campaign

In the long awaited return of the podcast, we are joined by a lucky filmmaker who gets paid to direct... pretty much whatever he feels like! (sort of) As ARTLIST's creative director, Jonathan Vardi's crafty film-making style perfectly illustrates the startup's message: be bold and unleash your creative potential.

One of Artlist's recent ads, directed by Jonathan Vardi.

Much like his early inspiration, Michel Gondry, Vardi is known for blending together artistic mediums in unique and unexpected ways, making his videos not only fun to watch, but also interesting to take apart and examine up close. This type of technical intrigue and curiosity strongly resonates in Artlist's target audience of aspiring filmmakers. Artlist is disrupting the music-library industry, by giving indie filmmakers unlimited access to a huge library of royalty-free original music and sound-effects, as well as stock footage in their in exchange for an affordable monthly fee billed annually.

In their brilliant social-media ad campaign, Artlist inspires curiosity not only from the ads themselves but also from behind-the-scenes videos it shares on social media:

This week's episode was recorded early January this year, long before lock-downs and social-distancing guidelines started due to COVID-19. In it we covered everything from Jonathan's first steps as a director, his professional journey that lead to where he is today, the unique position he's in and the fascinating feedback loop he gets from following the statistics of his various spots (on which he can obviously speak very little),

and other creative endeavors he's embarked on, like book authoring. We also talked about being new fathers of course!


Support this podcast by subscribing to Artlist using this link and get two extra months free!

Similarily, Artgrid, their impressive stock footage library offers two extra months if you subscribe using this link


More spots directed by Jonathan Vardi:

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Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay Tuned for episode 27 featuring director Oren Kaplan!

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