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Ep-24: RJ Collins - from viral TESLA spec ad to kick-starting his new Sci-Fi short READY OR NOT

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

RJ Collins had an early professional break as the CEO of a commercial production house (following their Tesla spec commercial going viral). It took a few years for him to realize that running a commercial production company was never his ultimate ambition. His latest step in his journey back into narrative film-making is a kick-starter campaign for his new Sci-Fi proof-of-concept short: READY OR NOT. With only 6 days left, you can still join and help him reach his goal!

Fresh out of film-school, he and his colleagues succeeded in doing something that many filmmakers attempt to do and fail (including yours truly). A spec commercial they made for Tesla went viral after Elon Musk himself retweeted it - turning their newly formed production company Everdream into the hot new branded content company. Although the company doesn't exist anymore, RJ still relies on the many friends he made during those days. He still directs commercials, but has already ventured back into narrative film-making with his series "Simi Valley" (for Black Pills).

Trailer for Simi Valley:

In this episode RJ and I talked about his prolific professional journey, about how goals change over time, and how gained experience can change our attitude towards a collective workflow, and many more things - and we topped everything off by talking about his new short, and what he hopes to achieve with it.

Episode Links:

Dodge Collage ad, directed by RJ Collins:

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Our next conversation will be with Colin Levy who's back for a spoiler-ridden conversation about his newly released sci-fi short SKYWATCH, and where he hopes it will take him. Stay tuned!

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