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Ep-29: Caroline Pires - Founder & CEO of NERDEO.NET, VFX supervisor & compositor.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Caroline started her VFX career as a Shake compositor and climbed the ranks quickly to become a studio and on-set VFX supervisor. Now the founder of her own business NERDEO.NET, Caroline has applied her wealth of experience to create an online collaboration platform for professionals within the independent film, TV and gaming industries.

Just like our last episode featuring Hugo Guerra, this episode was recorded through Zoom and there's a video version available as well:

Originally from Portugal, Caroline's VFX credits include films such as 127 HOURS, HUGO 3D, MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL, and more recently the streaming series BRAVE NEW WORLD. While freelancing for London's biggest VFX studios, she identified a problem: many VFX artists had cool side projects which required additional artists' help, but finding, recruiting and coordinating this effort was a challenge artists weren't equipped to handle.

Identifying a problem is easy - but what she did next was not: She founded her own company and launched a collaboration platform called NERDEO.NET, that has since expanded beyond supporting just volunteer projects, and is generating revenue through a paid subscription tier (alongside a free one) and a commission fee charged on paid roles filled through the platform.

TROLL BRIDGE is an example for a project that relied on NERDEO.NET and went on to win many awards, here's its trailer:

Caroline's 2016 Showreel.

Example of a project recruitment page on


Artlist is disrupting the music-library industry, by giving indie filmmakers unlimited access to a huge library of royalty-free original music and sound-effects, as well as stock footage in their in exchange for an affordable monthly fee billed annually.

In their brilliant social-media ad campaign, Artlist inspires curiosity not only from the ads themselves but also from behind-the-scenes videos it shares on social media:

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Episode Links:

NERDEO.NET website

Arthur and Merylin on IMDB (The project Caroline supervised and started Nerdeo on a FB group)

The Hunt for Gollum (First fan film Caroline worked on)

Show notes:

Unreal Engine 5 preview (embedded below)

Opening and closing song: "14 Days" by Akın Sevgör.

Stay Tuned for episode 29!

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